Mauritanian presidential election : the opposition forwards its demands to the government

The Mauritanian Parliament. Photo : AFP / Getty Images

NEWSROOM (ADV) – The Mauritanian opposition has sent a letter to the government including its demands for transparency and fairness in the upcoming presidential election scheduled for the middle of the current year. This letter, made public Saturday in Nouakchott, calls for a calming of the situation, to establish a normal political climate, abandoning the logic of hostilities and confrontation.

The opposition insists on the need to respect the Constitution, laws and rules of good governance and to put the state at the service of all.

The letter also recommended guaranteeing Mauritanians living abroad to register and fulfill their civic duty and to offer guarantees for the total neutrality of all State mechanisms, and non-use of public money.

The Mauritanian opposition had already said that it will participate in the coming elections.

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