Comoros : the opposition speaks of an electoral hold-up

The President of Comoros Azali Assoumani, during his inauguration ceremony, May 26, 2016. Photo : AFP

NEWSROOM (ADV) – “Hold-up”, “forfeit”, “twisted blow” … The elimination by justice of the two main opponents of the head of state Azali Assoumani of the presidential race in the Comoros aroused indignation, and the abatement, for the opposition.

“We expected a twisted blow but certainly not that,” says, still in shock, former Minister Elarif Oukacha, one of the leaders of the opposition on the island of Moheli.

On Saturday, the Supreme Court, the highest court in the archipelago, threw a slab into the Comorian political mare by dismissing seven of the twenty candidates registered in the early presidential election of March 24.

All sides of the opposition have stepped up to express their outrage and call for general mobilization against President Azali.

“This is the sign of an electoral hold-up in preparation (…) if we let go there may be trouble,” said candidate Said Larifou. “The conditions for free and transparent elections (…) are not met,” he added.

The decision of the Court “only increases the mistrust of the population towards the sincerity of the judges (…) and their impartiality”, deplores the Collective of the third way, which federates many NGOs of the civil society.

“This stranglehold of the executive on the Supreme Court is worrying,” said Chabane Mohamed, of the Confederation of Comorian Workers (CTC).

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