HEALTH, Zimbabwe

Tax rebate for Zim health workers

Harare, Zimbabwe (ADV) – The Zimbabwean government has extended a tax rebate for health services staff as the country moves to cushion workers with non-monetary incentives from the biting economic challenges. The statutory instrument on […]


Kenya allies with Thailand in the health sector

NEWSROOM (ADV) – Kenya’s Health Ministry on Thursday signed a framework agreement on sharing expertise and technologies needed to achieve universal health coverage in the African country. Sicily Kariuki, cabinet secretary for health, said Kenya […]

HEALTH, Tanzania

Tanzania to construct new health facilities

Johannesburg, South Africa (ADV) – Tanzania has revealed that it is on the advanced stages of commencing construction of 67 new district health facilities countrywide. According to the Daily News, the construction of the new […]


Uganda investigates massive food poisoning

NEWSROOM (ADV) – Three people have died and over 240 others were hospitalized in northeastern Uganda after they ate contaminated relief food, a Uganda Red Cross official said on Monday. Nakitende said that currently the […]