Malawian NGO mobilises voters for female candidates

Aspirant Bande of DEPECO addressing the electorate. Photo: African Media.

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA (ADV) – A Malawian non-governmental organisation (NGO), Youth Coalition for Consolidation for Democracy (YCD), has mobilised voters for female candidates.

The organisation said the voters could make good decisions on who to vote for if they interacted with the aspirants and understand what they promise, should they win the elections.

YCD Executive Director, Francis Foley, made these comments during a meeting which was organised by his organisation recently. The aim of the meeting was to allow voters to interact with aspirant Esmy Bande of the Nsanje Central Constituency.

“The meeting has contributed so much to achieving 50-50 campaign message dissemination as people including traditional leaders, churches and the community at large were eager to hear from a female aspirant and the feeling, in general, is that they now accept a woman has the capacity to represent them,” he said.

The community also spoke opened about problems that they are faced with, which included lack of access to medication.

The Member of Parliament, Bande who is running under Democratic People’s Congress (DEPECO) for the elections, promised voters that she would not disappoint them and that the structures of development that were already existing would be completed.

“I would like to thank YCD for organising this interface meeting and I assure the electorate that I will facilitate piped water development to enable women to access water within their localities,” said Bande.

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