Tanzania’s Rural and Urban Roads Agency a boost to health sector

The work of Tanzania Rural and Urban Roads Agency (TARURA) has been commended. Photo: Tanzanian Media

Johannesburg, South Africa (ADV) – Tanzania’s Rural and Urban Roads Agency (TARURA) initiative has reduced maternal and child death, Daily News reported.

This was said by Katani Dispensary Nurse and Midwife in-charge, Godfrey Manga, who noted that there was a drop in maternal and child deaths since the government initiated TARURA.

“The road has been of great help as far as maternal and child death drop is concerned, because previously we would experience between two to five deaths depending on the nature, but with the road network we can take them easily to referrals when the need arises,” said Manga.

Manga added that the road rehabilitation of the Kasamyula road has also increased the number of people accessing health services, adding that the healthcare centre used to attend to 2005 children under the age of five compared to the current 6125 annually.

He further noted that many women were previously giving birth at home because they could not reach the nearest health centres due to poor road infrastructures, and that in most cases women with complications during birth would either reach the healthcare centres late or die.

“We can call an ambulance from the referral health centres and they reach the dispensary within 45 minutes, but before the roads were rehabilitated, it could take between two to three hours, thus putting the patient’s life at risk” explained Manga.

TARURA’s Nkasi District Council Manager, Eng Henry Mkwizu, noted that the government had limited budget for the road which should be increased when the situation is good, but they need to educate the public on the importance of taking care of the roads because it is for their own good.

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