Malawi: People with albinism put their hope on president Mutharika

Malawian President Peter Mutharika, has met with a group of people with albinism. Photo: Official Malawi Government Online, Facebook

Johannesburg, South Africa (ADV) – Following their emergency midweek meeting with President Peter Mutharika, the Association of Persons with Albinism in Malawi (APAM) has demanded that the government immediately start providing full protection to all persons with albinism, African Daily Voice can confirm.

“In everyday life, people with albinism are frequently treated as being lesser than human beings. They face stigmatization and other significant barriers to the enjoyment of their economic, cultural, social, civil and political rights,” reads a statement signed by APAM president Overstone Kondowe, chairperson for Federation of Organizations in Malawi Annita Hanjahanja and Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) chairperson Timothy Mtambo, according to Malawi24.

In the statement, the organizations said people with albinism in the country apart from living fearfully, are also being segregated from many community activities and are barred from accessing some other services which include: health, education and Justice.

“The government of Malawi has an obligation through the constitution, of Malawi, African Charter on Human and people’s rights, the convention on the rights of persons with Disability and other pertinent human rights treaties to ensure safety and security for all people including vulnerable groups,” reads part of the statement.

APAM, FEDOMA and HRDC said through the press statement that they are happy that government has shown its commitment to fight for the rights of persons with albinism in the country.

However, they said they are saddened that the commitment shown by the government has not been demonstrated by taking any necessary and effective measure to combat the barbaric act which they said have made them live in fear.

They continued to say that they have now put their hope to Mutharika that the Malawi leader being the custodian of the Malawi constitution has the responsibility to make them happy since he is at helm of all government operations and affairs.

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