DRC : Tshisekedi warns security forces against indiscipline

President Félix Tshisekedi at his first session of taking up arms of the various units of the Armed Forces of DR Congo. Photo : AN / Laurent Omba

NEWSROOM (ADV) – DR Congo’s newly elected president, Felix Tshisekedi, warned the country’s security forces against any act of “indiscipline” and called for patience with the payment of their wages.

Police officers recently shot in the air to claim their unpaid salaries of December and January, according to testimonies collected in Beni and Kasai regions.

The regions of Kivu and Kasaï are the scene of deadly violence because of the presence of militia and armed groups.

The president “informs them that the amount relating to the salaries of December 2018 and January 2019 are already available in the banks and they will be paid as early as next week,” said the statement.

The President however warns “that he will not tolerate any act of indiscipline and strongly condemns the attitude of some police officers who allowed themselves” to shoot in the air.

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