Malawi to institute a commission of enquiry on attacks of people with albinism

Malawian President Peter Mutharika (left), has met with a group of people with albinism. Photo: Official Malawi Government Online, Facebook

Johannesburg, South Africa (ADV) – Malawian President Peter Mutharika recently promised to institute a commission of enquiry to get to the bottom of the killings and abductions of people with albinism, African Daily Voice has learnt.

He was speaking at State House Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe when he met persons with albinism
Mutharika also offered has offered a K5 million reward to any person with credible information leading to the arrest of people behind the killings and abductions.

Media has previously reported that six cases of attacks against persons with albinism have been recorded in the country since the beginning of the year.

Persons with albinism have also been demanding the government to declare Malawi unsafe for them so that they should be free to seek asylum in other countries.

“I will be instituting a commission of enquiry to get to the bottom of the killings and abductions of people with albinism,” said Mutharika, appealing to all Malawians to accept people with albinism as important members of humanity whose life is sacred and deserve to live with dignity.

The president also directed the Minister of Finance to immediately release K3 billion for activities in the National Action Plan (NAP), which include equipping and empowering police to protect people with albinism.

He further urged government officials to construct safe houses for vulnerable persons with albinism under the Malata and Cement Subsidy Program.

“Government has started procuring personal alarm gadgets that will be connected to police stations in order to protect persons with albinism,” he said chiefs and religious leaders to engage with police and other stakeholders in participating to secure the safety of persons with albinism, most of whom are in rural areas.

Meanwhile, Mutharika also instructed the Minister of Justice to engage international investigation experts to be part of the process of getting down to the motives and people behind the killings and abductions of persons with albinism.

According to Malwi24, while speaking at the same event, Secretary General of the Poor and Concerned People with Albinism (Pacpwa), Ellen Khonje said the association wants action on the issue of killing and abductions of people with albinism.

She said the National Action on persons with Albinism must be immediately financed, saying the K45 million government claims to have set aside is not enough.

Khonje asked the president to direct that the Malawi Defence Force should be involved in the protection of people with albinism.

She also demanded politicians, both in government and opposition, to stop politicising the issue of people with albinism.

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