Central African Republic : OCRB intercepted 25,000 hunting ammunition

Hunting ammunition seized by the OCRB. Photo : RR

NEWSROOM (ADV) – The Central African Office for the Suppression of Crime (OCRB) announced this weekend that it has intercepted at least 25,000 hunting ammunition, used by violent armed groups to commit crimes in the country.

The violence in the country has favored the fraudulent import of ammunition and weapons of war but also hunting ammunition that some armed groups and bandits use to terror the population.

According to information given to ADV, these seized munitions worth about 15 million FCFA come from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“This illicit traffic generally comes from the DRC with the complicity of some ill-intentioned compatriots,” said Lieutenant-Colonel Armel Baraba, director of the OCRB. For him, the OCRB will manage no effort to ensure its mission and needs the support of the population to detect the tracks of illicit trafficking in the country.

The OCRB was born as part of the president’s policy on the need for a professional security corp capable of ensuring the security of populations, with the support of Russian instructors.

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