Chad : 16 thugs arrested in N’djamena, among them a couple of manufacturers of fake banknotes

Malfrats arrested by the police in N'djamena. Photo: Al Wihda Info

NEWSROOM (ADV) – The national police has presented this Monday to the press, 16 thugs involved in various crimes in N’djamena, including assassinations, robberies, and the manufacture of counterfeit notes of several currencies (CFA, Dollar, Euro), reported some local media.

These individuals are mostly young people in their twenties, they operate mainly in the city of N’djamena. In the group, there are the couple of manufacturers of counterfeit money, three alleged murderers, a group of chicken thieves and butane gas cylinder and six alleged robbers and stabbings, says a police source.

“This is the place to warn anyone who will try to attack the lives of Chadian citizens, it will find the national police on its way,” said the spokesman of the national police, Commissioner Paul Manga, who , moreover, called for total vigilance and a frank collaboration of the population.

As a reminder, on February 7,03 of these thugs coldly shot dead two people, one in Tacha Moussoro and the other at Nimeri Avenue.

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