Cultural leaders share their New Year fight HIV/AIDS message

Uganda AIDS Commission. Photo: RR

NEWSROOM (ADV) – Since the national launch of the Presidential Fast Track Initiative on Ending AIDS as a public health threat in Uganda by 2030 in June 2017, Uganda AIDS Commission has been coordinating its implementation through several stakeholders at national and regional levels.

Key among the stakeholders are the traditional and cultural institutions whose mandate is community mobilization for maternal child health services, family planning, preventing sexual and gender-based violence and HIV prevention. Cultural institutions are also mandated to mobilize resources to contribute to funding HIV related programmes.

The overall goal of the Presidential Fast Track Initiative is to achieve HIV epidemic control and eliminate AIDS as a public health threat in Uganda by 2030. The initiative aims to ensure that nobody is left behind.

In recognition of cultural institutions as a crucial platform for the mobilization of communities and a critical stakeholder for effective HIV response, Uganda AIDS Commission held eight cultural engagements during roll-out of the Fast Track initiative.

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