Mozambique grateful to China over precious help

Drowned, Beira tries to get up after the passage of Idai. Photo : REUTERS

NEWSROOM (ADV) – The number of people affected by Cyclone Idai in Mozambique has risen to 794,000, Mozambican government announced on Monday in Beira, Sofala province in Central Mozambique, adding up to 128,941 have already been rescued.

The deaths toll remains at 446, according to the Minister of Land, Environment and Rural Development Celso Correia, who spoke at a press conference, stressing that the rescue teams have not yet finished searches at all affected sites.

Correia said there were already cases of diarrhea reported in some accommodation centers, but the health system is assisting people, and the government is working with partners to make the mitigation plan more efficient.

The minister said the priority is to save lives by delivering food and providing medical care.

“We have support in donations and rescue teams that continue to arrive, but now the Institute for Disaster Management is making strategic management,” said Correia.

“It was exactly the kind of help we need, basically in the field of health, environmental sanitation, among other supports.”

On Monday morning a group of 65 members from Chinese rescue team arrived at Beira International Airport, followed by some 20 tonnes of equipment and materials for search and rescue, communications and medical treatment.

Minister Correia said that emergency operations are becoming more organized and with targeted approaches, being able to provide quick responses in a timely way.

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