Ethiopia: Ethiopian Airlines will operate flights to Mozambique from December 2018

Ethiopian Airlines. Photo: Financial Afrik

NEWSROOM (ADV) – Ethiopian Airlines announced Friday in Maputo that starting in December, it will set up domestic flights to Mozambique, which will initially serve eight cities.

In a press release, the first airline in Africa by the number of its devices has indicated that the eight Mozambican cities are: the capital Maputo, Tete (the center of the country), Manica, Beira, Chimoio, Quelimane, Nampula (north), and the port city of Nacala.

The links will be operated by the company’s newly created subsidiary – Ethiopian Mozambique Airlines – which will therefore be the third largest airline in Mozambique, after the national airline LAM Mozambique Airlines and FastJet, the statement said.

Ethiopian Airlines’ entry into Mozambican territory is part of the company’s strategy for 2025: to increase connections throughout Africa and to transform the continent’s socio-economic situations.

“Ethiopian Mozambique Airlines is an example of United Africans that will support economic development and enable the continent to gain a greater share of the air market from within Africa, currently dominated by companies that do not are not African, “the statement said.

The CEO of the new subsidiary, Redi Yesuf, said that Mozambique is a big country from a geographical point of view, which in addition to road infrastructure, deserves to be offered significant air transport opportunities.

“Gradually, we will put three platforms in place in the northern, southern and central regions, which will provide travelers with unprecedented air travel opportunities,” Yesuf said.

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