Seychelles to introduce new regulation legalising electronic cigarette

Seychelles to introduce new regulation legalising electronic cigarette. Photo : the Sun

Johannesburg, South Africa (ADV) – Seychelles is set to introduce a new regulation that will classify alternative nicotine products under the tobacco control law, legalising electronic cigarette following a recent approval by the Cabinet Ministers.

The regulation will classify the Alternative Nicotine Delivery Systems (ANDS) as tobacco products so that all provisions in the Seychelles tobacco control law will extend to their manufacture, distribution, sale and use.

According to Seychelles News Agency, the ANDS are designed to provide nicotine without the harmful substances contains in cigarette smoke. They include vaporisers, digital, electronic or e-cigarettes.

“Currently, all alternative nicotine products are banned in Seychelles,” the Programme Manager in the unit for the Prevention and Control of Cardiovascular Diseases at the Seychelles Hospital, Bharathi Viswanathan, told Seychelles News Agency.

She noted that the ANDS products were not on the market when the Seychelles first Tobacco Control Act was drafted in 2009, emphasising that they need to be regulated as they now a new product.

“Amending the regulation will ensure that a framework exists for consumers and sellers, under this regulation sellers will need a proper licence,” she said.

“It is a good way to help smokers quit the habit and it is also less detrimental to health as it contains less nicotine and other harmful substances found in real cigarettes, and regulations are required to ensure children do not have access to ANDS and to ensure importers follow regulations.”

Findings published in October 2016 by the Ministry of Health following a survey revealed that about 15 percent of teenagers aged between13 to 15 smoked cigarettes the previous year.

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