Tanzania: Satisfaction maternal and child mortality campaign

Samia Suluhu Hassan, Tanzania’s first ever female Vice President. Photo : RR

Johannesburg, South Africa (ADV) – Tanzanian Vice-President, Samia Suluhu Hassan has expressed the government’s satisfaction on its campaign aimed at fighting maternal and child mortality, Daily News reported.

The Vice-President said the ‘Jiongeze Tuwavushe Salama’ campaign has proven to be following its mandate which is to ensure that women and newborns remained safe, since it was launched last year.

The campaign sensitises the government and religious leaders, non-governmental organisations, development partners, health service providers, families and society in general to support national efforts in reducing maternal and child mortality.

“The campaign ‘Jiongeze Tuwavushe Salama’ is to ensure that women and newborns don’t die during childbirth because they have been dying due to various challenges among them lack of proper nutrition and caring at family level,” said the Vice-President.

Hassan was speaking at the Samuye Health Centre during a six-day tour in Shinyanga region. The centre was established in the same aim of reducing maternal and child deaths. Last year, the region recorded 815 newborn deaths, 56 maternal deaths.

The Vice-President further noted that the number of people in Shinyanga region with health insurance was low, urging residents to join health insurance.

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