Zero Pregnancy Among School Girls Is Possible – Senegalese Activists

Marie-Louise Corréa. Photo RR

Addis Abeba (ADV) – A trial scheme tailored to eliminate pregnancy among school girls has paid dividends in Senegal with a record reduction from 228 in 2016 to only 14 in 2018, sources said Friday.

An education ministry release said the Senegalese Association for Family Welfare (ASBEF) conducted the trial with funding from an American NGO.

The scheme was dubbed: ‘Project for the Eradication of Pregnancy in Schools in Senegal’ or PEGMISS.
The two-year scheme that ran from 2016 – 2018 was implemented in 30 schools located in four areas of the country where teenage pregnancy among schoolgirls was rampant.

The areas include Kolda in the South, Fatick in the center-west, as well as the communes of Pikine and Guediawaye in the outskirts of Dakar.

In Kolda, PEGMISS focal point, Elhadj Nfally Sane, said prior to the implementation of the scheme, 104 pregnancies were recorded in 10 targeted schools.

In the final countdown, the project chopped that number down from 47 in 2017 to only 3 in 2018, Sane said.

Child NGOs and activists in the educational sector have described the success scored by the scheme as a “milestone”.

Meanwhile, ASBEF’s boss, Dr. Marie Louise Correa has appealed to both local and international actors to capitalize on those results in a bid to attain and maintain “zero pregnancy” among schools girls in Africa and elsewhere.

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