The Gambia : No Sex, No Money !

Old European women are coming into The Gambia in search for "love". Photo : RR

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NEWSROOM (ADV) – On idyllic beaches, young Gambian men tight their muscles to older European women.

A great number of Western European women from the United Kingdom and the Netherlands are coming to the Gambia in search for “love”.

Love is being provided to them in the hand of “bumster” guys; a term generally used to to all local men who offer their services to tourists.

For Gambians, there is no harm to these kinds of relationships. “She gives me money every day, she takes care of me, I don’t see any harm,” says a young Gambian in his early thirties.

The Gambian authorities are everything but satisfied with phenomenon. Similarly, the government undertook steps to curb it.

Access to tourist areas as well as hotels are now being monitored, and anyone who wants to access them must justify their presence otherwise access will be refused.

Awareness campaigns have also been launched to make parents understand that they must invest in their children’s education rather than encourage them to consider sex tourism as a “passport to Europe”.

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