2 suspected ritual killers burnt to death in Liberia

Policemen patrol at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia, Liberia December 7, 2017. Photo : REUTERS

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (ADV) – Police in Liberia are investigating the lynching of two persons to death, for allegedly possessing human skulls, sources said Thursday.

The third suspect is in hospital after he escaped the lynching but was severely beaten by an angry mob in Ganta City in northern Liberia.

The incident occurred on Tuesday while the victims were being taken to a police station after they were allegedly found in possession of human skulls.

Local media said the police were yet to make any arrest over the mob action, but Ganta Police Detail Commander, Adolphus Zuah, who confirmed the information, said he has dispatched officers to the crime scene to investigate the matter.

“I don’t know what went wrong before the suspects were mobbed to death. I heard the taxi cab they were travelling on broke down, and so the crowd came against them,” Zuah told Liberia’s leading Daily Observer Newspaper reporters on a mobile phone.

“I only heard that a police undercover agent in Saclepea, central Nimba, was escorting three suspects from the district to Sanniquellie, the county political capital, when a commercial vehicle they were riding on broke down, thus giving rise to marauding gangs to mob two of the suspects to death, while the third person was severely wounded,” Zuah explained.

Commander Zuah said two of the police officers that were among other unarmed officers dispatched to quell the situation sustained wounds from the angry crowd that were reportedly using sticks, stones and any deadly objects to wound and eventually kill two of the suspects.

The crowd, according to Zuah had claimed that the accused individuals were suspected of carrying on ‘heartmen’ activities (ritualistic killings), but the allegation was yet to be substantiated when two of them were mobbed to death.

Also, confirming the information, the head of the county police Criminal Investigation Division (CID), James Katoe, said the suspects were reportedly mobbed to death by “some suspected criminals; some of them on the police wanted list.”

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