Zambian finance minister on world tour for promoting the best of Zambia’s stable investment climate

Zambia's Minister of Finance Margaret Mwanakatwe. Photo : RR

NEWSROOM (ADV) – Zambia’s Finance Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe held a meeting with officials from the Bank of America in order to brief them on the country’s fiscal and monetary reform program, her office said on Friday.

Others who were part of the meeting included investors from both Europe and America, according to a release from her ministry.

The Zambian minister said the meeting was one of the most engaging economic management meeting and praised the visiting delegation on their approach and sound technical competence.

She said she updated the delegation on the progress of Zambia’s fiscal reform program as well as the monetary thrust so far.

“I assured the investors that the government will continue striking the right notes in the economic stabilization and growth program so that the nation grows and sustains both local and foreign investors interest in our economy,” she said.

The Zambian government is making significant strides to enhance the most important inter-sectoral goal of improving the much needed conducive business environment for foreign direct investment, she added.

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