Sudan troubled by President Trump’s fait accompli policy regarding the Syrian Golan

Sudan's President, Field Marshal, Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir. Photo : REUTERS

NEWSROOM (ADV) – Sudan on Tuesday condemned a decision by the U.S. administration recognizing Israel’s sovereignty over Golan Heights.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemns, in the strongest terms, the decision of the U.S. administration recognizing Israel’s sovereignty over the occupied Golan,” said Sudan’s Foreign Ministry in a statement.

“The decision constitutes a clear violation of the international legitimacy and the concerned resolutions of the UN Security Council,” said the ministry.

It added that the U.S. move legalizes occupation and aggression, and undermines the principles of the international law.

The ministry further reiterated that the unilateral American decision would not change the legal status of the Syrian Golan Heights.

It urged the international community to reject the U.S. decision as it represents a flagrant challenge to the international legitimacy and a threat to the international peace and security.

U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday signed a proclamation recognizing the Israeli sovereignty over Syria’s Golan Heights which Israel occupied in 1967 and annexed it soon after.

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