Mozambique opens its first Radiotherapy Unit in Maputo Central Hospital

Mozambique opens its first Radiotherapy Unit in Maputo Central Hospital. Photo : Club of Mozambique

Johannesburg, South Africa (ADV) – Mozambique on Thursday opened its first ever Radiotherapy Unit in Maputo Central Hospital, African Daily Voice can confirm.

According to O Pais, speaking during the opening ceremony, President of the Republic Filipe Nyusi said he wants this to be the first of many such centres in the country aimed at improving the quality of life for the 25,000 people diagnosed with cancer in the country annually.

The radiotherapy service will join others and mitigate the 17,000 cancer deaths registered last year, using ionizing radiation to destroy the tumor or prevent cancer cells from increasing.

Filipe Nyusi said that, March 28 being ‘Doctor’s Day’, there was no better gift than that of inaugurating a service that will improve the quality of life for cancer patients – a point of view confirmed by the Fight Against Cancer Association, which assists 10 children and 40 adults suffering from different types of cancer.

It is hoped the radiotherapy service will save the country US$5.8 million dollars – the medical committee spent US$4.8 million between 2016-2018 sending 251 cancer patients for treatment outside the country.

The radiation therapy team consists of two radiologists, three medical physicists, five technicians, and a radiation nurse, a group the head of state called on to keep their equipment functioning.

The radiotherapy service was set up with US$17.2 million of state funding. Treatment is free and is expected to treat an average of 300 patients per year.

The World Health Organization estimates that 70 percent of people with cancer need radiotherapy.

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