Kingdom of Eswatini initiates Chiefdom Development Plan

Eswatini launches Chiefdom Development Plan. Photo :

Johannesburg, South Africa (ADV) – The Kingdom of Eswatini recently launched the Chiefdom Development Plan (CDP) – which seeks to reduce poverty and food insecurity through investments which support increased agricultural production, productivity and commercialisation of smallholder agriculture, while maintaining and sustaining a resilient environment.

The initiative is set to involve multi-stakeholders, including households and traditional leaders, government, development partners and the private sector.

According to Swazi Observer, the Minister of Agriculture, Jabulani Mabuza, said the outstanding features of the CPD are that it is centred on the aspirations of the beneficiaries and there is a consensus on the use of available resources for the benefit of the community.

“Over the years, ESWADE has strengthened its development approach which is the cornerstone of achieving such impact and what evolved into chiefdom development planning was a methodology that has been developed by ESWADE through the implementation of rural development projects assigned to it by government,” said Mabuza.

He noted that his Ministry and the ESWADE made huge strides towards commercialisation of other crops in the region like sugarcane, sunflower and sorghum. The Minister further disclosed that a market scoping study was conducted in the Chiefdom and found that goat production and indigenous chickens have a huge potential in the area.

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