Germany invests 62.98 million euros in development of Zambia

Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. Photo: CityAfrica

NEWSROOM (ADV) – Germany has earmarked 62.98 million Euros on Wednesday for development projects in Zambia for 2019-2020, according to a statement released on the same day.

These funds are intended to support, among others, financial governance, civil society, decentralization, the use of renewable energies and capacity building.

“Negotiations focused on current and future development co-operation programs and took place in a sincere, constructive and cordial atmosphere reflecting the true relations between the two countries”, according to the statement signed by the Zambian secretary to Treasury, Dressing Yamba, and the director of the Southern Africa Division of the German delegation, Alois Schneiber.

According to the statement, Germany insisted on the need for zero tolerance for corruption in all development programs and expressed concern about recent cases of misallocation of donor resources.

The German side also pledged more investment in Zambia’s water sector based on the results of the audit of a rural water program, stressing the importance of effective governance.

For its part, the Zambian government has pledged to act against all forms of corruption and strictly implement the public finance management reforms. The two sides added that joint programs will make accountability and transparency their priority in order to improve services to citizens, the government said.

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