Chad studies new national agricultural mechanization strategy

A new national strategy for agricultural mechanization. Photo: RR

NEWSROOM (ADV) – Experts from the Chadian Ministry of Production, Irrigation and Agricultural Equipment and those of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) have been working since Friday on the new national strategy for agriculture agricultural mechanization.

It is a strategy that will be implemented by 2030 in three stages, the first of which will last five years and the last two, three years each. It will contribute to the creation of an environment favorable to the development of agricultural mechanization in Chad, so as to provide answers to the constraints inherent to the development of the agricultural equipment supply chain, the response to the expectations of users of agricultural machinery land and the strengthening of institutions related to agricultural mechanization.

“The modernization of Chadian agriculture through the intensification and mechanization of the means of production is an alternative to the natural, technical, institutional and financial weaknesses,” said the Minister of Production, Irrigation and Water Resources. Agricultural equipment, Lydie Béassoumda, by opening the validation works of this strategy.

The pillars on which this strategy is based are the improvement of agricultural practices through mechanization adapted to the biophysical context, the improvement of access to agricultural equipment for the benefit of producers, as well as the strengthening of the role of the private sector in agriculture supply of agricultural equipment, said the representative of FAO in Chad, Mansour N’Diaye.

In recent years, Chad has embarked on a major project to develop agricultural mechanization, notably through the creation of a tractor-tractors assembly unit and the launching of the plowing operation for farmers.

But despite the efforts and resources invested, the expected results are not yet achieved and the level of equipment of farms still falls short of the potential of the country. Faced with this situation, the Chadian government has asked for support from FAO to define a national agricultural mechanization strategy through a technical cooperation program, local observers said.

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