Tunisia / Algeria agree on projects for residents of the border states

Minister of the Interior, Mr. Hisham El-Fratti, (right) the Minister of Interior, Local Communities and the Algerian Urban Planning Mr. Noureddine Badawi. Photo : RR

NEWSROOM (ADV) – The Minister of the Interior, Hisham El-Fratti, in the presence of the Minister of the Interior, Local Communities and the Algerian Urban Planning, Noureddine Badawi, held the first joint meeting of the states of the border states between Tunisia and Algeria in the National Guard barracks in Awaina, in the presence of the governors of Tebesa, Souk Haras, Walaa Gafsa, Tozeur, Kasserine, Kaf and Jendouba on the Tunisian side.

The meeting dealt with many issues and topics of common concern, especially those related to improving services for the benefit of the people in the border areas by providing jobs, promoting development and investment, and working to provide more security by fighting terrorism and combating smuggling networks.

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They also reviewed the challenges faced by the two countries to confront natural disasters from floods and snow due to climate change, as well as the dangers of forest fires in the border area between the two countries and ways to address them.

It was agreed to activate a number of mechanisms to follow up the implementation of the measures taken during this meeting and make it a periodic occasion for coordination and joint cooperation.

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