Malawi destroys electoral records for the 2017 by-elections

Malawi destroys electoral records for the 2017 by-elections. Photo : The Times Group

Johannesburg, South Africa (ADV) – The Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has destroyed all electoral records for the 2017 by-elections in preparation for its crucial 21 May Tripartite Elections.

According to Malawi24, the move was done so the ballot boxes utilised to store the records can be used in the upcoming elections.

The exercise was conducted in collaboration with the Malawi Parliament on Monday.

Last year, the commission held by-elections in Lilongwe South East, Lilongwe Msozi North and Nsanje Lalanje. The poll was the last set of by-elections by the commission before preparations for 2019 Tripartite Elections began.

The law demands that after winding up of elections, the Malawi Electoral Commission should deposit all electoral records with the Clerk of Parliament.

This is rooted in the history that the Clerk of Parliament used to be the Chief Elections Officer before the setting up of the Malawi Electoral Commission secretariat.

MEC commissioner Jean Mathanga said although there has always been discussion on whether the legal provision should still stand or be amended, the Commission will abide by it to the letter for as long as the provision remains in the statutes.

“All records will be brought to the Clerk of Parliament as required. To that effect, let me take this opportunity to advise that the Malawi Parliament should start preparing room for safe keeping of the records for the May 21 Parliamentary and Presidential Elections,” she said.

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