Togo: demonstration for the release of opponents

A new demonstration in Lome for the release of opponents in Togo. Photo: AFP

NEWSROOM (ADV) – A few thousand people protested Saturday in Lome to demand the release of those arrested during the main opposition demonstrations to President Faure Gnassingbe for a year in Togo.

At the call of the Citizen Front “Togo Debout” (FCTD) – which brings together many organizations of Togolese civil society – the demonstrators converged on a park in the Togolese capital. Opponents are demonstrating very regularly in Lome.

According to them, about fifty people are still held in Togolese prisons since the demonstrations organized in recent months by the coalition to demand the resignation of President Faure Gnassingbé, in power since 2005 after succeeding his father, who himself led the country for 38 years.

“We will be demonstrating to the satisfaction of our demand, and those still in detention must be released immediately and unconditionally,” Front Front spokesman David Dosseh said.

The FCTD also demands the end of the electoral process, in view of the legislative elections, scheduled for December 20 in accordance with the road map of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

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