Thomas Sankara : hero of African youth

Thomas Sankara. Photo : AFP

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NEWSROOM (ADV) – At only 33 years old, Thomas Sankara became president and changed the name of his country, from french colonial Upper Volta to Burkina Faso (country of honest men).

Born on December 21, 1949 in northern Upper Volta and murdered on October 15, 1987, Sankara undergoes military trainings in Morocco and Madagascar.

In 1983, he was appointed Prime Minister. However the country is experiencing a period of instability. The latter drove him to lead the country in an effort to built on the entire hope which his people put on him.

Thomas Sankara also called on Africa not to pay its debt to Western countries: “The debt can not be repaid because if we do not pay, our donors will not die. We should be sure of that. On the other hand, if we pay, we will die. We should be sure of that too.”

Thomas Sankars worries and disturbs old bastions. At some point he know himself threatened.

In 1987, he said, “I feel like a cyclist who is on a ridge and can not stop pedaling otherwise he falls”.

Considered a symbol of pan-Africanism, African youth will never forget Thomas Sankara’s vision and legacy to the world.

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