UNICEF train journalists in Malawi on Child Rights

UNICEF trains Journalists in Malawi, PHOTO: Media

Johannesburg, South Africa (ADV) – United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) held workshop for Blantyre Press Club members together with members of the Association for Muslim Journalists in Malawi’s at Mount Sochi Sunbird hotel where it encouraged them to report on child rights, African Daily Voice has learnt.

According to malawi24, UNICEF spokesperson, Rebecca Phwitiko underlined that the workshop was aimed at equipping journalists with knowledge of developing child rights articles.
“Reporting on children matters has got so many challenges and needs some expertise as journalists need to serve the public interest but and at the same time need not to compromising the rights of children,” said Phwitiko.

“UNICEF works across in different sectors supporting the government and part of our work is advocacy for children to improve their lives. So the media is the key part of this process so that they understand issues of child rights such to improve their child rights reporting too. Overall there is a good coverage children issues but the other key thing is to begin interrogating other processes for example today we had a session on budget where journalists were trained how they can interpret for children some budget key figures.”

Addressing delegates on behalf of Blantyre Press Secretary General, Simeon Shumba applauded UNICEF for initiating the training “as it has come at the right time claiming reporting on issues affecting children needs some professionalism”.

“As a club we want to thank UN workshop organising such kind of training and I wanted to ask them to give us more training so that opportunity should be given to those who had no chance to attend this workshop today.” he said.

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