US military steps up airstrikes in Somalia

AFRICOM oversees US troops on the African continent. Photo: AFP

NEWSROOM (ADV) – The US military has said it has intensified its airstrikes in Somalia in the past two days as part of efforts to weaken the al-Shabab terror group, local media reports.

The US command of African forces (AFRICOM), which oversees US troops on the African continent, said in a statement that it had conducted two air raids on Sunday and Tuesday in order to disrupt the network of leaders of the group and reduce the freedom of maneuver in the region.

“These precision airstrikes support the efforts of Somali partners to reduce al-Shabab refuges, degrade the infrastructure of terrorists and destroy terrorist material,” AFRICOM said without giving the number of casualties.

The US military said that the first air strike took place on Sunday in the vicinity of Gandarshe in southern Somalia, while the second airstrike took place in the vicinity of Leego in the Bay region, Southwest Somalia.

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