Niger : Four civilians killed in a terrorist attack (security)

Patrols of the Nigerian army. Photo : DR

NEWSROOM (ADV) – At least four civilians were killed in the night from Monday to Tuesday in an attack attributed to the Boko Haram terrorist group in Bosso, in the Diffa region (extreme east dud), close to the border with Nigeria.

The attack comes as Niger’s Minister of State for the Interior and Public Security, Bazoum Mohamed, heads a large delegation comprising members of the government and parliamentarians in the Diffa region.

The area of Bosso, like several other localities in the Diffa region, particularly those bordering Nigeria, has been undergoing repeated attacks by the Boko Haram sect for more than three years since its Nigerian positions, which in this part of Niger hundreds of civilian and military casualties and thousands of displaced in Niger as in Nigeria.

More than 300 terrorists were killed and several heavy weapons and other equipment including vehicles were seized during a sweeping operation carried out at the end of December by the Nigerian Armed Forces (FAN) along the Komadougou River and on the islands of Lake Chad, according to an official report.

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