Kenya strengthens security at borders with Somalia to keep terrorists at bay

Kenya's wall on the border with Somalia. Photo : DR / ICP

NEWSROOM (ADV) – Kenya has stepped up security patrols at border points with Somalia to stop the intrusions of Al-Shebab fighters as a result of a series of attacks on civilians and government facilities, officials said on Tuesday.

North East Regional Commissioner Mohamed Birik said the enhanced security measures included the ongoing construction of a border wall to prevent the Somalia-based terrorist group from planning attacks on Kenyan soil.

The government has also tightened the security of major supply routes on which civilians have been killed by improvised explosive devices placed by activists.

In the past, al-Shebab fighters have committed killings of civilians in Kenya before returning to Somalia, a phenomenon attributed to the long and porous border between the two countries.

In an attempt to contain the attacks in Kenya, the government has started building a security fence that is guarded by the Kenyan Defense Forces.

Kenya hopes that construction of the 700 km wall along the Kenya-Somalia border from Mandera in northeastern Kenya to Kiunga in the coastal zone will prevent Al-Shebab elements from infiltrate the country from Somalia.

Security personnel have intensified their hunt for suspected Al-Shebab fighters and their hidden supporters in the wider north-eastern region of the country, Birik said.

Kenyan police reservists have been recruited from all villages along the border with Somalia to complement the efforts of other security agencies active in the fight against terrorism, he said.

According to Mr. Birik, these reservists drawn from among the retired security officers were deployed on the points of tension.

“They will help police secure their respective villages while protecting government facilities and important water points,” Birik said.

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