Ugandan government introduces Chinese language in schools

Ugandan government introduces Chinese language in schools. Photo: The news lens.

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA (ADV) – The Ugandan education ministry has officially introduced the Chinese language to be taught in 35 identified public secondary schools.

The pupils will learn the language as a compulsory subject for a period of two years from the reopening of schools on 4 February.

According to the Director of Uganda’s national curriculum development centre, Grace Buguma, the language can be selected as an option after two years.

The Ugandan and Chinese government are in talks to expand the language to all secondary schools across the country.

Education Assistant Inspector, Nelson Okello, said teachers have already underwent training and have passed the selection process as the language curriculum has been designed.

“The Chinese government sponsored the development of the Chinese language curriculum,” said Okello.

“After the establishment of the curriculum, the ministry of education included the Chinese language into the secondary schools’ syllabus.”

Okello further highlighted the possibility of other Chinese teachers travelling to Uganda.

He said 35 Ugandan teachers have been trained locally to teach Mandarin with support from China, which also provided tutors. Other teachers will come to Uganda from China.

Ministry Officer for secondary school language education, Jerome Atuke said, “China has become a world power, therefore learning the Chinese language is necessary, especially in countries that are benefiting from China’s generosity.”

“Our country has received a lot of donations and grants from China in the past few years,” Atuke added.

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