Zambia’s GEARSI speaks against political violence

GEARSI organisation Executive Director McDonald Chipenzi. Photo: African Media.

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA (ADV) – The Governance, Elections, Advocacy and Research Services Initiative (GEARSI) in Zambia has expressed displeasure on reports of violence emanating from political differences in Sesheke.

The campaigns comes ahead of the bye-elections scheduled for the 12 February 2018.

An official from GEARSI in Sesheke posted that violence happened at around 16:00 hours at Katimamulilo Border.

According to the organisations’ Executive Director McDonald Chipenzi, the incident is suspected to have been ignited by the ruling party’s Patriotic Front (PF) cadres who got incensed when residents of the areas resisted their appeal to raise the party symbol and shout the party slogan.

Chipenzi also mentioned that the suspected PF cadres caused commotion at Zambia Revenue Authority Katima Mulilo border.

“The report we received further detailed that the suspected PF cadres went to campaign using the government facility to the border,” he said.

“The cadres decided to force the residents of the Katimamulilo Border in Sesheke to raise clinched fists, the PF party symbol but the residents resisted and those who refused to chant PF slogan and symbol were beaten. One of those beaten is a male resident of the Katimamulilo only identified as Scissor who is working as a clearing agent at the same border.”

Chipenzi vehemently spoke against this type of campaigns ahead of the bye-election in the strongest term possible.

He has urged all political parties and residents of Sesheke and other areas where by elections are taking place to exercise restraint in the face of provocations.

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