US threatens to intervene in Democratic Republic of Congo

Illustrative image, Joseph Kabila, hopes that Donald Trump will let the Democratic Republic of Congo manage its sovereign affairs without interference. Photo: Joshua Roberts / Reuters


NEWSROOM (ADV) – Obviously, the African continent is strategic for the interests of the United States and this despite Donald Trump’s words about “shitty countries”.

Washington has 34 military sites scattered throughout the continent, “with high concentrations in the north and west as in the Horn” of Africa. Regions that have seen “many drone attacks and secret raids of commandos in recent years”.

Americans are present in all regions of the continent, where they created “a sprawling network,” informs us the very famous magazine The Intercept specialized in international and American political news.

Donald Trump announced Friday that about 80 US troops have been deployed to Gabon to maintain security in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

In a letter to congress leaders, the US president said they would remain “in the region until the situation in the DRC no longer requires their presence”.

These 80 soldiers could be navies of the Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force-Crisis Response Africa who know the terrain well; the latter were deployed in Gabon in May 2018 to train Gabonese executives.

Libreville is home to one of Africa’s 12 Cooperative Security Locations (CSL). This CSL has equipment and fuel stocks that allow a response force to operate. In 2015, a full-scale test took place in Gabon: 4 MV-22 Osprey, 2 KC-130J and some 200 US Marines deployed on the CSL.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is home to 50 to 60 per cent of the world’s cobalt reserves in the Katanga region, which represents the world’s largest supply of minerals and significant amounts of copper. Pentagon, analysts last year, identified cobalt and copper as “strategic and critical minerals” for the production of military aircraft, missile guidance systems and other equipment.

The United States needs Congolese minerals. These sometimes muscular interference in the internal affairs of states is perceived in many African capitals as a violation of their legitimate sovereignty, in the wake of economic-military intimidation.

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