Ethiopian State Minister, Zemene satisfied with Ethiopia and Angola relations

Ethiopian State Minister Hirut Zemene. Photo: Twitter.

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA (ADV) – Ethiopian State Minister Hirut Zemene has praised all-rounded relations between her country and Angola.

She said Ethiopia and Angola enjoy excellent relations in several venues including aviation, trade, business and investment paving the way for a deepened people-to-people ties; cultural exchange programs among the peoples of both friendly countries.

Minister Zemene made these comments after a meeting that she recently held with her Angolan counterpart, Antonio Tete, where they polished their countries’ relations.

She further highlighted the significance of diversifying the relationship towards the tourism industry.

“Tourism between Ethiopia and Angola is a potential platform to bolster cultural ties while maintaining the long tradition of cooperation via Ethiopian Airlines, that offers training to Angolan pilots,” added Zemene.

Minister Tete expressed appreciation for the typical and practical relations between Ethiopia and Angola.

“Ethiopian Airlines is the Ambassador of Ethiopia with a long tradition of training Angolan pilots in Aviation and technical experts,” he said, adding that Angola has much to learn from and reflect on Ethiopia’s development endeavour.

“You’ve developed a very good tourism industry, something we can learn from, coupled with Ethiopia’s fast, inclusive economic growth in Africa,” said Tete.

Both Ministers have agreed to boost ties in trade, business and investment anticipating to schedule Joint Ministerial Commission meetings next month.

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