Zambia’s Zamtel partners Mazhandu to boost ICT

Zamtel Head of Corporate and Government Relations Reuben Kamanga shakes hands with Mazhandu Family Bus Services Director Justine Mazhandu, PHOTO: Lusaka Times

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA – State owned Telecommunications Company Zamtel is working to increase efficiency and improve customer service, as it has set-up a dedicated Closed User Group for Mazhandu to allow for cheaper and cost effective communications for bus crews and the administration staff, Lusaka Times reported.

The company also entered into an agreement with Mazhandu Family Bus Services for the provision of Free Wi-Fi on all its buses.

“Zamtel has since installed free on-board Wi-Fi across the entire Mazhandu fleet which services routes from Chililabombwe to Livingstone,” said Zamtel Head of Corporate and Government Relations Reuben Kamanga.

“Passengers on Mazhandu will also be able to pay for their tickets using ZamPay, the country’s first ever Quick Response (QR) code payment platform.”

Kamanga expressed confidence that the partnership will encourage people to opt for public transportation by leveraging free on-board Wi-Fi, given the increasing demand for Wi-Fi on transport services.

“As Zamtel, we continue to provide digital solutions that enrich our customers lives and we are happy that this partnership will change public transport experience in Zambia. Additionally, the convenience of paying for bus fares electronically through ZamPay will further enhance customer experience,” he added.

And Mazhandu Family Bus Services Director Justine Mazhandu hailed Zamtel for the partnership saying the provision of digital amenities will increase ridership.

“We move on average 1,200 passenger daily and we have observed that digital amenities are increasingly impacting our passengers who need to access free Wi-Fi to run many tasks such as check emails, listen to music, send text messages, stream videos, use social networks while travelling,” he said.

He added, “For the Livingstone route for instance, we serve a lot of tourists who can benefit from free Wi-Fi en route on buses in order to get in contact with their families or access their social networks to share pictures of the tourist sites with their friends.”

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