US Embassy launches National Debate Club in Ethiopia

US Embassy Public Affairs Officer, Amanda Jacobsen said debate was essential to creating leaders. Photo: US Embassy, Facebook

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA (ADV) – The United States (US) Embassy has launched a National Debate Club, where students are set to receive an opportunity to learn and practice debating skills through workshops and practical debates.

This is a national programme which is aimed at creating an interactive platform for university students to engage in a series of debate competitions, during which they learn public speaking skills, and constructive dialogue and debate techniques on a variety of cross-cutting issues.

“This activity brings the art of debate and peaceful dialogue to support the country’s reform efforts,” said the US Embassy Public Affairs Officer, Amanda Jacobsen, during the launch of the programme in Ethiopia recently.

The 12-month programme would be incorporated into a national competition when it comes to an end. The outcome of this program is expected to help Ethiopia’s reform efforts of peaceful nation building by creating platforms for future leaders of Ethiopia through debate and dialogue.

“Debate is essential to creating leaders. Participating in debate cultivates essential leadership and public speaking skills in young students,” added Jacobsen.

The National Debate Club is implemented by the Centre for Community Development (CefCoD), an Ethiopian Resident Charity Organization.

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