Niger : Boko Haram attacks again in southern of the country

Nigerian soldiers. Photo: AFP

NEWSROOM (ADV) – The Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram attacked again on Monday, January 28, the village of Bosso located in southeastern Niger.

Terrorists from the islands of Lake Chad attacked the village of Bagara, near Bosso, in the south of the country, killing four farmers and wounding three civilians. The Boko Haram terrorists later retrenched on the other side of Niger’s eastern border with Lake Chad.

“The damage is significant. Three vehicles loaded with nearly 500 bags of peppers and warehouses were set on fire, according to Interior Minister Bazoum Mohamed, on a mission in the area, “says French Radio RFI.

In early January, the Nigerian state announced that it had neutralized 300 fighters of the same terrorist group in the south of the country, particularly in the areas bordering Lake Chad.

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