Government halve the price of work permits in South Sudan

Government halve the price of work permits in South Sudan. Photo: PNB.


JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA (ADV) – South Sudan Deputy Minister of Labour, Public Service and Human Development, Baba Medan Konyi, said he has met with the ministry of finance and foreign affairs to discuss the prices of foreigners’ work permits.

Konyi has confirmed that the government has come to a conclusion to ease up by 50 percent on the charges that foreign consultants and managers have to pay to work in the country.

Previously, the work permits was charged at 4,000 US dollars and have now been reduced to 2,000 after there was a commotion that it was too expensive.

“We have sat with the ministry of finance and foreign affairs and we have agreed in the new budget that we have to accept payment of half for example if you were paying 4,000 US dollars you will be paying 2,000,” she addressed the journalists recently.

In April 2017, the ministry of finance had suspended the plans to increase the fees to 10,000 US dollars from the initial fee of 100 US dollars after several aid organisations had criticised the move.

During the same year, the government started charging the current 4,000 US dollars, which has sparked an outcry to humanitarian agencies who are assisting the war-ravaged country.

The finance ministry increased the fee in a hope to raise revenue for the cash strapped government to fund its activities.

In November 2017, the labour ministry announced revised work permit fees of 4,000 dollars for consultants and managers, professionals were charged 3,000 dollars, while technicians and casual workers will pay 2,000 and 1,000 respectively.

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