Zambia opposition party applauds Kenyans

Opposition APC President Nason Msoni, Photo: Zambia media

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA (ADV) – Zambia’s All People’s Congress President Nason Msoni has applauded Kenyans for exercising maturity in their politics.

Msoni spoke recently while urging Zambians to learn from Kenya who prioritises National Dialogue as a serious national undertaking.

“We all have an opportunity to learn something positive from the maturity of Kenyan politics and the leadership qualities being exhibited by President Uhuru Kenyatta in providing the kind of leadership that speaks to value addition in politics of Kenya,” said Msoni.

Msoni further mentioned that it is gratifying and amazing how President Kenyatta has reached out to his opponents and how together they are tackling issues of governance, corruption and working towards addressing issues that have affected the Country.

He added that intraparty party intolerances cannot be allowed to overshadow important national agendas.

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