Nigerian army prevents firewood dealers in North and East of the country

Nigerian army. Photo: Reuters

NEWSROOM (ADV) – The Nigerian army confirmed Sunday the ban of firewood and charcoal in the troubled state of Borno.

Bolama Pio, acting public official, who revealed this information, said the army had discovered the Boko-Bongo logistics unions between a lumberjack and charcoal dealers in Borno.

According to intelligence reports, some traders in Maiduguri will use firewood to help the insurgents.

He added that some of them were members of the “Boko Haram” group who were rushing into the race, noting that they were hiding food, drugs, gasoline and other items under their trucks provided them with terrorists.

“We also learned that some of them were running businesses on behalf of Boko Haram rebels,” he said, adding that they were immersed in forests where ordinary people could not risk exploit, burn and produce coal.

“We arrested some of them and provided convincing evidence that we will ask them to end their harmful activities,” he said.

Pew told reporters that the ban was temporarily designed to control the activities of criminal elements at retailers and not to make life difficult for users of firewood and charcoal.

He added that the army had authorized suppliers from other countries, such as Oyo, Kano, Katsina, Niger and Kaduna, to supply their products under strict control of the army command.

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