Bholah speaks at PAGE Ministerial Conference in South Africa

Mauritius’ Minister of Business, Enterprise and Cooperatives, Soomilduth Bholah. Photo: African Media.

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA (ADV) – Mauritius’ Minister of Business, Enterprise and Cooperatives, Soomilduth Bholah has attended the third edition of Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) Ministerial Conference in South Africa.

The conference was recently held in Cape Town, South Africa.

During the conference, Minister Bholah provided an insight on the future of employment opportunities in a green economy and the role of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) in promoting inclusion.

According to the country’s official website, Republic of Mauritius, Bholah elaborated on the different policies and measures that have been put in place by the government and other institutions to ensure a sustainable and inclusive economy with the objective of meeting the aspirations of the future generation.

The South African Minister of Environmental Affairs Nomvula Mokonyane said the conference aims to drive for strengthening and leveraging partnerships for resource mobilisation that could catalyse the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs).

She mentioned that the conference came at a time when there increasing understanding among decision-makers from public institutions and private sector.

“A cleaner and greener world demands a move away from business as usual too an ambitious and just transition. The economy, financial policies, and practices must play a far greater role in advancing the transition to green growth,” said Mokonyane.

She further noted that South Africa’s vision of transitional towards a green economy is embraced at the highest political level, through the National Development Plan’s Vision 2013.

“PAGE should transition from policy development to action on the ground meaning growing good while reducing badly. This will entail catalyzing economy wide transformative actions such as enhancing the natural capital, promoting renewable energy, keeping rain forests, wetlands, rivers and oceans functional.”

About 500 people including representatives of different governments, the private sector, international organisations and civil society attended the conference with the aim of exchanging ideas, share experiences and put forward innovative practices to transform the global economy.

PAGE regroups five United Nations agencies which are the Environment, International Labour Organisation, Development Programme, Industrial Development Organisation, and the Institute for Training and Research. The partnership among these agencies is recognised as an innovative and efficient model of excellence for delivering on the 2030 Agenda.

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