Zambia to get a new state house

Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development, Ronald Chitotela. Photo: Zambian Media.

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA (ADV) – Zambia is set to construct a new state house according to the Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development, Ronald Chitotela.

Chitotela recently disclosed to the media that there is a provision in the 2019 budget for the construction of a new state house based on recommendation by the 2017 Parliamentarian committee on works and supply.

“The committee recommended that there is an urgent need for government to commence modalities to construct a new state house in view of security concerns,” said Chitotela.

Chitotela revealed all these details while speaking on ZNBC’s Radio 2 live program called Economic Outlook.

Meanwhile, the minister also mentioned that Msuzi Bridge that was washed away by heavy rains in Lundazi district is being constructed at 2 point 6 million Kwacha which will also include works of a 42 kilometer bypass stretch, and not 5 million Kwacha as speculated.

The Minister said 1.6 million Kwacha is specifically for transportation and laying of the Msuzi Bridge using the temporary equipment while 9 hundred and 99 thousand Kwacha will go towards works on the 42-kilometre bypass road.

He said the remaining 2 point 4 million Kwacha is meant to attend to washed away bridges in Kasenengwa.

Meanwhile, Mr. Chitotela also disclosed that the Kenneth Kaunda International airport new terminal will be opened between September and October this year.

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