Finally, anyone can walk free across Ethiopia, Eritrea borders

Ethiopia-Eritrea border reopens after 20 years. Photo : RR

Asmara, Eritrea (ADV) – After a review of troops, the leaders of Ethiopia and Eritrea on Tuesday officially ordered their land borders reopened as they walked across the erstwhile dreadful Burre crossing point, sources said Tuesday.

« PM Abiy Ahmed and President Isaias Afwerki are visiting Bure Front along Ethio-Eritrea border to celebrate the New Year with members of the Ethiopian & Eritrean Defense Forces following the full normalization of the relations between the two countries. #Ethiopia #Eritrea,” Fitsum Arega, Abiy’s Chief of Staff, said on Twitter a few moments ago.

The two leaders will later today arrive in Asmara and proceed to Serha-Zalambesa connection for a similar ceremony,” Eritrea’s Information Minister Yemane Meskel said on Twitter.

The move is in continuation of the reconciliation process triggered by Ethiopia’s Premier on July 9 which has seen official visits by the two leaders, the re-establishment of diplomatic ties and the resumption of sea traffic and flights between the two erstwhile antagonists.

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