Malawi police targets illegal fuel vendors

Malawi police to tackle the illegal fuel businesses. Photo : Media

Johannesburg, South Africa (ADV) – Malawi Police Service on Thursday fired warning shots to illegal fuel vendors behind mushrooming illicit businesses, African Daily Voices has learnt.

This came into light following a meeting organised by the police in partnership with Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA).

According to Malawi24, the meeting called together different stakeholders including religious leaders, community policing forum members, police officers and traditional leaders.

Police Senior Superintendent Alex Simenti urged those keen on operating fuel businesses to contact MERA for advises.

“We came here in Phalombe district to discuss with all the stakeholders so that we join hands with our friends from MERA in making sure that fuel is being sold in certified places,” said Simenti.

“We have noted that in this district the malpractice of illegal fuel vending is rampant as in many areas people are just selling and keeping fuel anyhow without licences so we want to work on that and bring to book all the people who are doing this.”

Sub Traditional Authority Namasoko said he will call for a meeting with all chiefs that fall under his authority and other stakeholders in his area to end the malpractice in his area.

“It’s true that this malpractice is also rampant in my area, people are just selling and keeping fuel without following procedures like we have heard.

“We have learnt that fuel is very dangerous and that it can kill many at once if not taken care of and kept in certified places. I’ll meet my fellow chiefs and other people to do something about this,” said the chief.

During the meeting one of the religious leaders, Mathero Msatithe of the CCAP questioned why the police are just watching people doing this malpractice yet the law enforcers are also members of the communities where these said illegal vendors are operating their fuel businesses.

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