Eswatini to open medical diagnosis testing kits factory

Health Test Kits Diagnosis. Photo : Custom Monoclonal Antibody.

Johannesburg, South Africa (ADV) – The Kingdom of Eswatini is set to open its own medical diagnosis kits factory next month, Times of Swaziland reported.

The factory which has already been built in Matsapha, is being set up by CareFirst, an Eswatini company with offices in New York, Taipei and Shanghai. The company aims to take products made in Eswatini to the world.

CareFirst’s Managing Director, Ruth Wu, said they did preliminary works, including designing and construction of the factory last year.
“CareFirst will bring in engineers and medical professionals from overseas to train local workers with skills that will eventually lead to emaSwati managing most operations,” said Wu.

“Having a local company making these testing kits will greatly reduce the chance of the country running out of inventory again because it eliminates delays due to shipping and import processes.”

She applauded King Mswati III and the government for creating and maintaining an environment that makes the country attractive for innovative investments including the ones CareFirst intendes to bring into the kingdom, revealing her company’s plan to roll-out numerous offerings in phases.

“The next phase of the plan is to set up the toilet paper manufacturing plant that will produce a good quality product at an affordable price for all as we will not have to factor in shipping costs, again,” she said.

“Foremost in our minds as we are doing this, is creating jobs for emaSwati and transferring the technical skills that will come with the various projects we are bringing, I personally believe in what we are doing here – it is a mission for me.”

The country experienced shortage of HIV testing kits which caused a delay in diagnosis and treatment last year. Currently, the government spends over 30 million Emalangeni each year on diagnostic testing strips for diseases like HIV, Syphilis, TB and Hepatitis B.

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