Ebola persists in Democratic Republic of the Congo

Ebola outbreak on the rise in Democratic Republic of the Congo. Photo : Voice of Nigeria

Johannesburg, South Africa (ADV) – The International Rescue Committee (IRC) has said it may take Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) six more months to exterminate Ebola following the outbreak which was reported last year in August.

According to the committee, violence has forced the IRC and other agencies to frequently suspend their aid programs, which has proven to be the reason for the rise in cases.

African Daily Voice understands that reported cases have been on the rise every week, with last week reaching the highest number since the beginning of this year when 58 cases were recorded.

The committee cautioned that there could still be many more unreported cases, noting that their team is currently working with the community to put the outbreak under control. Currently, 59 facilities are receiving support to improve prevention and control.

“With mistrust and security issues, cases are likely to be going unreported and the true figure could be even higher,” said IRC’s Emergency Response Director in DRC, Tariq Riebl, adding that the numbers show that this outbreak is far from over, despite the hard work being done.

He said his team in North Kivu are redoubling their efforts to understand the concerns of people living in the impacted communities and to work with them to suppress the outbreak.

“In the past weeks IRC teams have run a series of community meetings to understand their concerns as well as establishing focal points within affected neighborhoods and villages,” he said, noting that data revealed that working with the community is key to stopping the outbreak and that without engagements, more lives would be lost.

“We are already almost seven months into this outbreak and at this stage we should be seeing the case rate declining, not on the rise, with an optimistic outlook this outbreak is predicted to last another six months – but realistically we could be looking towards another year of fighting this disease.

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