Namibia’s Windhoek Annual Cultural Festival on the cards

Windhoek Annual Cultural Festival, Co- Founder, Sylvester Shapwa (left) with his Co-Founders, Kleophas Malima and Phil Nepando. Photo: Namibian Media

Johannesburg, South Africa (ADV) – Namibia is set to host its first  Windhoek Annual Cultural Festival at the Sam Nujoma Stadium in Windhoek in June.

The festival brings together Namibians in celebrating and promoting their culture through diversity, social empowerment, creativity and innovation.

The five-day festival Co-Founder, Sylvester Shapwa, told African Daily Voice today that the event will be hosted under Sasha Charity and Care Foundation , a registered Non-Profit Organisation (NGO) that looks after vulnerable children, pregnant women, single parents and orphanages.

“This year Sasha Charity and Care Foundation aims to raise enough funds in order to re-direct its focus towards cancer in Namibia by donating 10 percent of the proceedings received from the event toward the Cancer Association of Namibia which is an NGO,” he said.

Shapwa said this concept came after he and his Co-Founders attended a number of cultural events in the country over the years, where they noticed a gap that many organisers missed – which was putting together the creativity and diversity behind the world culture.

“The cultural festival have either focused on selling of liquor only or in simple terms entrepreneurship empowerment,” he said, adding their event also aims to expose children to their cultures.

“Through empowerment Namibians should be able to showcase various cultural experiences, cultural business and skills that are fond enough to grow an individual though market shares.”

Shapwa recalled that this idea started last year. He and his Co-Founders have since going through all the processes required to register the brand, register the necessary mandatory documents, locating the venue and taking the event to the people.

“There is quite a number of corporate organisations who have shown interest in our initiative and who sees a great picture and future in our project, many have already started to engage with us on a daily basis,” he said.

“Since this is the first of its kind and happening for the very first time this year, we are very careful in picking our partners as well as getting our main sponsor on board.”

The event is expected to attract close to 30 000 Namibians. Local artists, mainly traditional cultural groups are expected to perform at the event.

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