Zambia-Comoros engagements

Ministerial Committee accesses Comoros’s readiness to join SADC. Photo :

Johannesburg, South Africa (ADV) – Zambian Foreign Affairs Minister, Joseph Malanji earlier on today met the Comoros Minister of Justice, Mohamed El-Amine Souef, as part of the familiarisation tour of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Ministerial Committee.

The tour is aimed at discussing progress made on the application by Comoros to be admitted to SADC.

“The Committee is meeting the Ministry of Justice in order to understand the role the Ministry plays in the electoral process under the current constitution and Judicial reforms,” reads a message on facebook page for the Zambian ruling party, Patriotic Front.

SADC has 16 States’ members and it has applications of new members from Comoros and Burundi for consideration.

Recently, President Edgar Lungu who is the chairperson of the SADC organ on Politics, Defense and Security urged the committee to access Comoros’ readiness to hold elections set for later this month.

“The President is of the view that once the Republic of Comoros accedes to the SADC protocols, then Comoros would have to adhere to the SADC principles of holding elections that includes an independent Electoral Commission and the need to allow political parties to freely take part in the election,” said Inutu Mupango Mwanza, First Secretary of the Zambia Embassy in Ethiopia.

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